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Jessica Gray, L.M.P.

The Center For Total Body Awareness, L.L.C.

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Jessica Gray, LMP graduated from Bellevue Massage in 1999. She is dedicated to providing superior service while working with her clients to enhance their quality of life. She takes great pride in the quality of her massage by discovering the source of imbalance, pain or discomfort. With a passion for exercise, nutrition and an alternative approach to medicine, Jessica loves sharing her extensive knowledge for better health with her clients.  She strives to provide a calm and comforting atmosphere to receive massage and meet the needs of each individual client.  Whether it’s injury treatment, or simply relaxation, Jessica has the knowledge and a wide range of modalities to meet your individual needs.
Jessica has a solid background in injury, sports and treatment massage and enjoys continuing her education on a regular basis. Jessica graduated from Northwest University with a degree in Psychology and Biblical Studies.  
She has received training in the following:
·       Sports and Injury Treatment
·       Birth Doula
·       Hydrotherapy
·       Neuromuscular Therapy
·       Myofascial Release
·       Swedish Deep Tissue
·       Trigger Point Release
·       Pregnancy Massage
·       Reflexology
·       Massage Cupping
·       Psoas Massage
All clients are assessed and treated individually, therefore every massage session is created to address the specific desires, needs and unique lifestyle of each individual.